About Us

About Us

Tech-Matrix is a boutique technology house focusing on IT talent management, provision of information technology advisory services and tailor made business IT solutions

Established in 2004, Tech Matrix first started as company that provided information technology resources. We have now evolved to be one of the major companies specializing in providing IT advisory services, project management, talent management etc, servicing clients from a variety of professional industries, focusing particularly on finance and information technology domains.


Our mission is simple. We only deliver the best to our clients. Our innovative ways of working have garnered a strong portfolio of clients who are the major names in various industries. We identify your problems to reduce complexity, reduce cost and increase agility. We work with our clients to build their innate capabilities with our expertise, enabling them to grow and achieve sustainable success.


We believe in great talents. It is the rock solid base that has helped the company to grow healthily and successfully. We bring the people from all walks of life together to challenge new ways of thinking and gear towards transformation. We cultivate an employee friendly environment, making a rewarding and inspiring place to work.


To be able to make a difference requires courage and strong values. At Tech-Matrix, we believe in holding on and staying true to our core values that have formed an essential culture in our company

• Our client is our top priority.
• We are accountable with great sense of reliability.
• We respect everyone’s ideas and we make everything to be better.

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